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What we provide

Chinatown House is a community coworking space designed to make a difference. We offer flexible coworking membership options and affordable meeting/workshop space rental.


We’ve got you covered

We are your all-in-one platform to help you create change. Think of us as your own support system with fully furnished supported workspace and coworkers who share the same vision as you do. Better together even when we work on our own.

Fully furnished workspace
No more furniture expenses, plug-in and get working!
Built-in programming
The interdisciplinary workshops and events will have you seeing things from a different perspective.

Access to meeting & event space
No more looking for event & workshop space, members have access to 10 hours of space for free.
Mail & parcel handling
When you are out of the office, we receive every thing for you. Never miss a package again.

Let’s Work Together

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