Chinatown House is where community and entrepreneurship meet for Chinatown’s the next 100 years.

Our Community-Driven Initiatives

Chinatown House is founded by an alliance of entrepreneurs, urban designers, cultural curators and nonprofit organizations with the shared goal of building a Chinatown that is vibrant, culturally and financially sustainable and accessible to all. We envision Chinatown house as a place where community and entrepreneurship meet for Chinatown’s next 100 years. The idea and design of Chinatown House draws on the traditional courtyard where people gather, catch up and work with one another.

Projects in Chinatown House will include a community-run incubator for film, VFX and gaming, panel discussions on role of art, culture and social change, a store-front artist-in-residence program to promote made-in-Chinatown goods, film screenings showcasing independent filmmakers, storytelling nights and food programming to promote cultural exchange.

art, tech & culture

Chinatown House is a community-driven initiative that hopes to reinvent, encourage and conserve Chinatown’s creative culture and heritage through arts, culture and technology


we are a collective, join us!

Chinatown Transformation Team: A dedicated team formed by City of Vancouver to work with the community on a number of key actions, including: preparation of a long-term plan to conserve Chinatown’s living culture and heritage, supporting economic development towards a vibrant Chinatown, exploring the feasibility of a UNESCO world heritage application and more…

Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday: By Appoitnment
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 10 am – 4 pm

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UBC Chinatown provides a strategic hub for partnerships between UBC and Chinatown community stakeholders. Our mission is to: foster and enhance relationships between UBC and Chinatown; ensure UBC initiatives build upon pre-existing resources and expertise; reduce unintended negative impacts on Chinatown communities from UBC initiatives; and support potential research and learning initiatives in Chinatown involving UBC units.

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hua foundation is a youth-driven nonprofit based in Vancouver, Canada, working to bring together the worlds of cultural heritage and social change. hua foundation is behind projects such as Choi Project, #ChinatownYVR popup market, Chinatown Today and so many more. Keep an eye out on cooking classes by Hua Foundation at Chinatown House.

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Chinatown Today chronicles the change, past and present, in Vancouver’s Chinatown through the lens of local businesses, people, shared experiences and passed on traditions. Chinatown Today uses found objects in Chinatown as a starting point through which we can study and explore opportunities and challenges in the neighborhood. This is a not-for-profit project and a public platform to gather and share diverse perspectives and wisdom with the community.

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Tomo Spaces: Tomo helps people live happier together in densifying cities. We build at the intersection of “hardwhere” and “softwhere,” where tangible structure and intangible culture meet. As developers, operators, and researchers, we believe in the power of place to enable people to do amazing things. Our research-driven approach challenges us to engage with complex urban issues. Since 2005, we’ve cultivated award-winning places like Schoolhouse in Vancouver and River Market in New Westminster.

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Christine Wong is originally from Hong Kong where she studied Chinese Language and Literature. She holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership from Simon Fraser University. She is passionate about intercultural communication and enjoys teaching Cantonese, Chinese culture and Eastern philosophy. She is an instructor at Langara College and SFU Continuing Studies. Her ongoing projects include The Cantonese Project, Leaf Behind and WALKchinatown.

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Anna Ling Kaye is founder and director of Hapa-palooza festival, Canada’s largest celebration of mixed heritage. A former long-time editor of Ricepaper magazine, she is actively engaged with the curation and creation of Asian Canadian culture in Vancouver.

KChen Construction Management: Kevin, the founder, approaches construction management with an engineering background. K. Chen Construction Management Inc. has been recognized by the City of Vancouver and at the Georgie Awards for the outstanding work that the company has accomplished.


Kevin Louis Design: A combination of research, experience, intelligence and creativity defines KLD’s approach to every project. KLD provide design communication services to a wide range of industries. We are specialists in real estate marketing. The team’s thoughtful process in showcasing livable spaces and neighbourhood character has won KLD many awards, industry recognition and admiration.

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West Coast Technology Innovation Foundation: The non-profit arm of The Network Hub which created one of the longest running and oldest coworking space in Canada with 7 locations and over 3000 active members. WCTIF brings to Chinatown House expertise on managing space, facilitating community-run programming, and mobilizing members to develop collaborative solutions to create meaningful impact.

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d.WG Design Studio: The Studio’s work focuses on a broad range of architectural, landscape and community engagement projects in and around Chinatown and the DTES. Karen has been working with the City of Vancouver facilitating grant funding for Chinatown Society Buildings to undertake critical upgrades for stabilisation and working closely with Societies to proceed to complete rehabilitation.

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